To The Sea, To The Sky

I caught my breathe
And held a tear 'cause
It could become a sea...
My weakest days, when
I'm like a thin glass.

I had to catch my breathe
And keep holding a tear,
For the most beautiful creature.
And the gold sun in the window
Shows the picture of it.
This creature and a flower.
The most beautiful
The one I cannot reach.

So I keep fading away...
So it stays the dawn to me
That never becomes day.

Tears for the Flower

Stars fill the dodger blue and blue fills myself.
Thorny leafs scratch cold clouds.
I wonder why our nights are so apart,
I kiss the wind and drag my spotless mind.

Give me my life back.
I left it all behind.
So why not caring at all is so painful?
So why do I have to regret?

I walk on the sand
In soft steps,
And so I find my place,
Floating over the sea.
Every memory is forgotten, held in wind's arms.

Now it's so far away, I cannot reach.
There's no flower and no smile under the moon,
As she doesn't light, doesn't light anything.
She seems to be lost, lonely.

Give my life away.
I left it all behind.


A janela é tão feia.
Não tem pôr-do-sol, não tem alvorecer e não tem cor nenhuma.
Só tem sujeira, e coisas que eu não consigo enxergar bem.

Eu acho que me lembro
Que gostava da luz e das cores;
Mas quando tento fazê-las olharem para mim,
Sempre me dão as costas de novo.

Tentei ler meus pensamentos,
Mas eles sempre são mais rápidos.
Pensei ter mudado eles,
Mas sempre são eles que me mudam.

E a janela é feia, tão feia,
Nunca me deixa ver as cores e a luz.

"Manche menschen ändern sich nie"