My First Love

I always knew my first love,
But never knew it was my first love.
My love does not have a black beautiful hair,
Either, lovely green eyes.
It is more beautiful than dark hair, and green eyes.

My first love meet me in the end of each day,
Hidding some secret I will never can decipher;
And shows me different faces each day.

But I can not see him any more.
I am so far away from him,
And I know he miss me
And understands me...

I used to see his colored tails,
And all I could see was him,
His incomprehensible body...

As I am more and more sad,
It is more and more beautiful, and

I see my golden rose-coloured sunset,
And be right that it is my eternal love.
The misterious sunset,
My misterious love...

I do not deserve all its love...
Time can change (almost) everything.

My dearest friend, my dearest friend...
Ah, how I miss you!
Ah... How I wish I was young...
I can only get my youth when I am too much old.
But, again, time.
The time is infinite.
We got our whole lives. That's eternal.

Ah, my dearest friend!
I am quite a mistake!
My friends, my friends...
You're nothing!
But (almost) everything I got.
I am the trouble,
You're so sweet.

I miss you so much, real universe!

Where did the salt water go?
Where did the time bring me?

"Does anybody else in here
Feel the way I do?"

The Loveless Story Of The Sad Blue-Eyed Man

by some lonely angel

Part I - The Man

I've met a creature.
It was pretty quiet,
It was a pretender.
It was unexpected, and it was quite a masked creature.
It was a man.
He was a man, he was a lovely man.
And he was not an idiot.

Part II - The Hero

I've met a creature.
It was just like me,
It was my only friend.
It was just like me, just like me...
I once thought we were the same person.
It was a hero.
He was a bad man, he was an idiot.
But I quite loved him.
And he was the only one who used to make me happy.

Part III - Back to Reality

The problem is that the perfect, the wonderful hero...
He doesn't exist.
Ripped my heart out off;
Right where it is weak, right where it is naive.
Still alive only the man, no longer my hero.
So I go back,
Back to the sadness' clouds,
The lonely clouds.
Where it is home,
The place I know; the place I know it is home.
The black home,
The fetid home.