The Loveless Story Of The Sad Blue-Eyed Man

by some lonely angel

Part I - The Man

I've met a creature.
It was pretty quiet,
It was a pretender.
It was unexpected, and it was quite a masked creature.
It was a man.
He was a man, he was a lovely man.
And he was not an idiot.

Part II - The Hero

I've met a creature.
It was just like me,
It was my only friend.
It was just like me, just like me...
I once thought we were the same person.
It was a hero.
He was a bad man, he was an idiot.
But I quite loved him.
And he was the only one who used to make me happy.

Part III - Back to Reality

The problem is that the perfect, the wonderful hero...
He doesn't exist.
Ripped my heart out off;
Right where it is weak, right where it is naive.
Still alive only the man, no longer my hero.
So I go back,
Back to the sadness' clouds,
The lonely clouds.
Where it is home,
The place I know; the place I know it is home.
The black home,
The fetid home.

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